Warranty & Returns Policy

30 day returns and replacements policy


The Provider delivers products to the User with a production or commercial warranty of 24 /twenty-four/ months (unless otherwise stated) from the date of the invoice.

The Provider provides the User a written warranty containing the content and scope of the warranty, the duration of the warranty, the territorial scope of the warranty, the name and address of the authorized service to which the warranty shall be lodged.

Before you return your item, please make sure that:

  • Please reach out to our team at “Help@leddepot.co.uk”
  • You include a cover note containing your order number, the email address you placed the order with and the products you are returning.
  • The goods and packaging are undamaged

Where can I find my order number?

Your order number can be found on the confirmation email we sent you after you completed your purchase.

What delivery method do I need to use when returning an item?

Please contact us before returning any items. We will advise on the best shipping method for your item.

If the item is over 2.5kg and/or is a tube or panel light, your order will need collected. Please be aware that you will incur a £10-charge for failed collections.

Can I return just one item from a multiple purchase?

Yes. Just provide us with the information as laid out above and we’ll take the action you require.

Returning heavy items, panels and tubes

Items over 2.5kg, panel lights and tube lights will require collection. Please be aware that you will incur a £10-charge for failed collections.